Taco Info
Voiced by: Mojoguy109
Gender Male
Species Taco
Team Team Victory Rie Rie Rie is Out

Team hero i

Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends 8-Ball, Remote, Basket Ball
Enemies Pie
Color bright yellow, red (tomatoes), green (lettuce)

Oh no you don't! - Taco, A Factory Under Snow 2B

Taco is a male contestant in BFDI2. He is on Team Fanny.

Aww Seriously:Edit

In the challenge, Taco was pulled off his island. In the ending he was seen falling on Bomby along with everyone who competed.

4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

In the challenge, Taco was seen falling with Roboty and Clock, but he still didn't care about it. He picked path 2, witch was the athletic path. While he was climbing a wall, he saw Cake flying out of the course and he facepalmed.

A Factory Under Snow Part 1:Edit

In the elimination, he recieved only one vote.

A Factory Under Snow Part 2:Edit

Part 2A:Edit

He was seen falling again along with Eggy, Grassy, Clock and Marker, but he didn't care about it again. He was no longer seen for the rest of this part.

Part 2B:Edit

He threw a freezing syringe to Golf Ball, who was actually made of paper. Balloony asked him about where did he get the syringe and Taco answered her it was from Wal-Mart. After Basket Ball finding an exit out of the factory, Taco followed him. While running, Taco fell and he won 2nd place for his team.


  • He actually isn't smiling.