"Quiz It Up"
Season 1, episode 3
Episode 4 Images0003
Challenge Freinds : Saw and Naily

Passou da equipe : Remote

Winner(s) Remote (Team Aww Seriously)
Eliminated Roboty

Saw Remote

Episode Guide
"A Factory Under Snow Part 2"
"Rating And Caking"

Quiz It Up Is The Fourth Episode Of BFDI2.


The episode started with Naily popping Balloony with a Nail. Clock created a recovery center. He was recovering Eggy with the Recovery Center (It's name is not announced yet), but Eggy's dead body had to be destroyed.  He throws Eggy's body In the incinerator that appeared in Episode 3. When he recovered him, Eggy was malfunctioning. Clock fixed the RC, and repeated everything all over again. The elimination starts. Remote was safe with no votes, Saw and Cloudy got 1 vote, Tree is safe with 2 votes. Lollypop is safe with 5 votes. It's down to Roboty and David. With 1 vote less, David is safe with 9 votes and Roboty is eliminated with 10. White Announcer announces the challenge. It's a quiz, but only 3 people each team can compete. Remote answered the first 10 questions correct and he isn't able to answer anymore. After everyone answers at least 9 questions correct, Pie and Basket Ball are tied with 9. Whoever answers the last one will win second place for their team. The question was 99x99. Naily told Basket Ball if he answers this question, he will be killed. Basket Ball ends up answering 4. Pie answered correct (9801). Marker and Clock make a leg-five, and Marker falls. Team Evil was up for elimination. In the end of the episode, Evil Leafy teleports to the TLC/LOL and everyone in it scream.

I Can't Known All The Plot.