BFDI2 Pose 16
Voiced by: Nick Nikolov (Season 1-2), Sun Katherine (Season 3-present
Gender Female
Species nail
Team Killer Bass
Episode eliminated Rating And Caking
Place 21st
Friends No one
Enemies Everyone (i.e: Cake)
Color Shades of Gray
...I WILL KILL YOU!!! - Naily, Quiz It Up

Naily is an armless female contestant in BFDI2. She is on Team Evil. She likes being rude and HATES being nice.


Aww Seriously:Edit

Naily was the second one chosen on the second team, now known as Team Evil. Naily was one of the first to fall off in the challenge due to not holding on to the rope (due to being armless). She was never seen for the rest of the episode.

4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

Naily was briefly seen answering the following question: "What will you say to a person you love?". She answered "YOU ARE SO DUMB!!!", but the right answer was "I love you", and she was out and not seen for the rest of the episode.

A Factory Under SnowEdit

Naily was never seen in this Episode.

Rating And Caking Edit

Naily was eliminated with 12 votes,because of that, she says censored words and randomly dissapears. She judges the cakes

Vote HistoryEdit

Naily Vote History
          Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)        Team Immune
            Episode 3 (A Factory Under Snow)        Team Immune
          Episode 4 (4-Way Obstacle Course)        Team Immune
          Episode 5 (4-Way Obstacle Course)        12 (Eliminated)

Team = Killer Bass


  • She was the first person eliminated off Team Evil