BFDI2 Pose 14
Voiced by: Mrkool641
Gender Female
Species Lollipop
Team Team Aww Seriously, Team Losers
Episode eliminated TBA
Place 5th
Friends Saw and remote ep2a
Enemies Fanny ep6,a,b and c
Color Purple and White
Great, let's go. - Lollipop, A Factory Under Snow Part 2

Lollipop is a female contestant in BFDI2. she is on Team Aww Seriously. She is sad, sometimes angry, likes having friends and dislikes not having friends.


Aww Seriously:Edit

She was the first person picked on the 3rd team, now known as Team Aww Seriously. In the Tug o' War challenge, she held on to the rope, not being one of the first to fall off. However, the next time she was shown, she was hanging on tight to the rope. Due to Pie's scheme, she and the others still in the competition fell off. At the end of the episode, she was shown still falling, except she was about to land on Bomby, which she did. Bomby exploded, then the episode ended. She could be the host for Object Battle [coming July 15th. If not, September 12th, 2016]

4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

At the elimination, she received 1 vote along with 8-Ball, so they had to do a tie-breaker.Lollipop won the tie-braker and 8-Ball was eliminated. In the obstacle course, Lollipop and some others had to answer 2 + 2. Everyone got it right except Basketball. Lollipop was not shown for the rest of the episode.

A Factory Under Snow Part 1:Edit

Lollipop was not shown in this PART, not episode.

A Factory Under Snow Part 2:Edit

Part 2AEdit

Lollipop was first seen going downstairs with Remote and Saw because Remote said she'found some downstairs'. But the stairs turned into a slide and fell into a lava pit. However, only Lollipop was shown falling into the Lava Pit. Lollipop, Remote, and Saw, were not seen for the rest of the episode.

Part 2BEdit

Due to Lollipop's temporary death last part, she was not shown in this part and the rest of the episode.

trivia Edit

  • Lollipop is the only one to win a tiebreaker so far.


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