Evil Leafy
BFDI2 Pose 11
Voiced by: No One
Gender Female
Species Red/Evil Leaf
Team Team Fanny
  Team Amazon
  Team Girls Evilguys
  Vilian BFDI Team
Episode eliminated A Factory Under Snow Part 1
Place 23rd (15 votes)
Friends Everyone
Enemies No one
Color red

Evil Leafy is a female contestant in BFDI2.


Aww Seriously?Edit

Evil Leafy was the 5th one chosen on the first team, which is now Team Fanny. Evil Leafy did not grab the rope in Tug o' War, so she was disqualified. Thanks to Pie, his team won.

4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

In the intro, it was shown that Evil Leafy electrocuted Clock. Evil Leafy was never shown dyring the challenge, but it's shown during the challenge she wrote on Clock's back, "I HATE MYSELF!!!" with Evil Leafy placing a signature. In the end it's shown she froze Clock with a syringe.

A Factory Under Snow Part 1:Edit

Evil Leafy recieved the most votes, a record high until Episode 3, at 15 (75% of the votes!), and she was eliminated.


Vote HistoryEdit

            Episode 2 (4-Way Obstacle Course)      Team Immune
          Episode 3 (A Factory Under Snow Part 1)    15 [ELIMINTATED]