Eggy Info
Voiced by: TacoBurger22
Gender Male
Species Egg
Team Killer Bass
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Cake, Pie
Enemies Naily
Color White with Yellow Polka-Dots

What's that? - Eggy, Future Episode

Eggy is an armless male contestant in BFDI2. He is on Team Fanny. He is known to die a lot.

BFDI2 Episode 1- Aww Seriously?:Edit

The team Eggy is picked on is Team Fanny. Eggy, however, is not seen on the balance board, even after he was shown there a second before. Rumors have it Eggy tripped/slid off and cracked before the others.

BFDI2 Episode 2- 4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

At the beggining of the challenge, Eggy headdived to the ground, and because of that, he cracked, and couldnt do the challenge, along with Roboty and Fanny. His team lost with a score of 19-74-999, and was put up for elimination.

BFDI2 Episode 3- A Factory Under Snow [Part 1]: Edit

At the beggining of the episode, Eggy is seen cracked and dead next to Clock. At Cake and Stake, Eggy was safe with 2 votes.

BFDI2 Episode 3- A Factory Under Snow [Part 2]:Edit

At the beggining of the episode, Eggy was seen falling. It's unsure what exactly happened, but we assume he is dead.

BFDI2 Episode 3- A Factory Under Snow [Part 2B]:Edit

Eggy didnt appear in this episode. His team got 2nd.

BFDI2 Episode 4- Quiz It Up:Edit

Eggy is destroyed by Clock, revived by Clock, destroyed again, and finally revived for the last time. To this, Eggy said, "Yay, I'm Alive!" Eggy was one of the objects to not compete in the challenge. His team got 2nd and was safe.


  • Eggy is extreme and sporty.
  • Eggy is known to crack frequently.
  • Eggy's voice wasnt officially on an episode until Episode 4, due to continuosly dying.