Clock Info
Voiced by: Nick Nikolov
Gender Male
Species Clock
Team Sercena Gophera
       Killer Gips
       Team Amazon
       Team hero r
Episode eliminated TBA
Place yTBA
Friends Marker, Cake, Bell
Enemies Evil Leafy, Fanny, David
Color light yellow and brown

Aww! - Clock, Future episode

Clock is an armless male contestant in BFDI2. He is on team Fanny.


4-Way Obstacle Course:Edit

Clock was electrocuted by Evil Leafy. In the course, he wrote on his back "I HATE MYSELF!!!". In the ending scene, Clock was frozen by Evil Leafy with the syringe.

A Factory Under Snow Part 1:Edit

In the elimination, Clock recieved no votes out of 20.

A Factory Under Snow Part 2:Edit

A Factory Under Snow Part 2A:

Clock was seen falling with Marker, Grassy, Taco and Eggy. After falling, Clock shattered because of being frozen.

A Factory Under Snow Part 2B:Edit

Due to being dead, he was not seen in this episode.


  • As seen in the audition video, Clock is smart.
  • Clock is in an alliance with Marker before Episode 1.
  • They are the first alliance made on BFDI2


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