Barf Bag
Barf Bag
Voiced by: Eddie Kingston (DeeandEd)
Gender Male
Species Barf Bag
Team Team Evil
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Grassy, Pillow
Enemies Robot Flower
Color brown

thanks alot RF, we would win if you weren't slacking off! - Barf Bag, Yoylecoin!

Barf Bag is a male contestant in BFDI2. He is on team Evil.

4-Way Obstacle Course:

He got to pick the second path, but he didn't escape the obstacle course for the first 20 minutes after Clock escaped.

every time tree says you deserve to be eliminated BB barf bag always thinks it's him


  • Barf Bag barfed 1 time (Ep. 1 - Ep. 3a)