"A Factory Under Snow"
Season 1, episode 2b and 2c
Falling In The Factory
Challenge Escape The Factory
Winner(s) Basket Ball (Team Evil)
Eliminated NA
Episode Guide
"A Factory Under Snow Part 1"
"Quiz It Up"
BFDI2 Episode 3 A Factory Under Snow Part 200:42

BFDI2 Episode 3 A Factory Under Snow Part 2

Episode 3b of BFDI2

BFDI2 Episode 3 A Factory Under Snow Part 2B00:49

BFDI2 Episode 3 A Factory Under Snow Part 2B

BFDI2 Episode 3 Part 2B

A Factory Under Snow is the third episode of BFDI2.


The episode continued with the contestants falling. Marker fell into the incinerator, while Clock shattered. The Scene was changed to the recommended characters, which were outside the factory. Meanwhile, Remote found some downstairs. Saw and Lollypop joined him. Lollypop mentioned it was dark and the stairs turned into a slide. They fell into an incinerator. Meanwhile, Grassy asked Cake where do they have to go. Because of Cake not answering, Grassy told him to go upstairs. Cake accepted his choice and Barf Bag wanted to join them. While climbing, they fell from the stairs and fell in the incinerator. Taco saw Golf Ball behind him and threw a freezing syringe to her. She wasn't the real Golf Ball, because this one was made of paper. Balloony asked him where did he got the syringe. Taco answered him he got it from Wal-Mart. Meanwhile, Basket Ball saw a light and ran to the exit with Taco. Basket Ball won, Taco got second and Team Aww Seriously was up for elimination.


  • There were removed lines:
    • Saw: We have to escape
    • David: Aww, seriously!?
  • The Scenes ,,Grassy and Cake" and ,,Taco" were swapped.
  • This episode didn't got an ending scene.


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